Top reasons indicating you might be on a Broken Project

Gefunden bei Java Posse:

Top reasons indicating you might be on a Broken Project:

* It takes three months to add one checkbox to a web UI
* Everything starts to look like it would be quicker to rewrite
* Everyone on the project has „Architect“ on their business card, and yet they never agree on anything!
* Conversations start with „Oh, that, that’s really simple, you just….“ followed by a 30 minute description on what to do
* You time your life around „the build“
* The GUI is written in AWT… or HTML 3.2
* Or! The GUI is written in something you wrote yourself
* The project …. is a home grown web framework
* Someone just added 5 more hours of meetings to your work week because „it’s late“
* The guy who is supposed to train you, throws a folder of notes at you and runs away cackling gleefully
* The lines of XML outnumber the lines of Java 10:1
* You ask about unit tests and get blank stares from everyone, or a „yeah, we should do that really“

Videos zum Thema JAVA

Wer auf YouTube nicht genug bekommt: Video-Clips speziell zum Thema JAVA sammelt die Webseite D TV.

Mit der Suchfunktion kann gezielt nach Videos zu den Themen wie zum Beispiel „Eclipse“, „Swing“, „Tutorial“ oder „Puzzlers“ gesucht werden.